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My personal experience with achilles tedonopathy

Posted on 4 October, 2018 at 21:10

I recently woke up with extreme tightness in my right achilles tendon; it was fully contracted and could not walk on it.  I quickly recognised it as achilles tendonopathy, which is the result of persistent gastroconemus (calf muscle) tightness.  

To treat this i imobilised it for a week and gave it daily acupuncture sessions.  My lovely colleague Rochelle gave me moxa on the area of where the achilles attaches to the calcaneous (heel).  

during the second week I used strengthening exercises to help my achilles heal; this involved a combination of heel lifts, and plantar flexion (pointing toe away from me) and dorsi flexion (pointing toe to my head) with a resistent band.  This is important in strengtheing the achilles, as tendons won't heal unless you strengthen them.  I did all this with daily acupuncture sessions and Laser therapy.  

After 3 weeks I had full mobility and could re-commense most exercises, i was completely pain free.  However, I would not attempt to run or jump for at least 12 weeks.  

Even though it feels better I will keep up with my daily strengtheing exercises and cut back acupuncture to once/week.  I am extremely happy with my progress! :)

**Update: It has now been 2 weeks since I first wrote this, and I have not experiened 1 bit of pain from it. I am sitting in my North Sydney Acupuncture Clinic 100 % pain free**

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