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Distal acupuncture for neck pain

Posted on 29 November, 2018 at 20:05

This is an interesting concept: Don't perform acupuincture where the pain is!

Sounds weird right?  If there is pain in the neck, shouldn't I treat the neck directly?  Makes sense doesn't it!  

Let me ask you this? if your car won't start do you blame the keys?  The keys may be an issue but it is more than likely an issue somewhere deeper in the engine. 

This is also true for the body, sometimes the pain manifests in the neck, but the actual problem is the result of some blockage or damage in another part of the body.  Finding that pathway that is damaged and reopening it can be the key to relieving your neck pain.  In fact often it is more than 1 pathway that needs reopeing, or redirected; and until this is done the neck pain will persist

Using the distal acupuncture technique, by the time I've inserted the 3rd needle the patient often reports the feeling of relief!  And this is applying acupuncture alongway from the neck.  I have immense experience and find this technique an invaluable tool in my arsenal of knowledge to help you.

So when you come to me for acupuncture to alleviate your neck pain and I am needling nowhere near the neck; don't be alarmed; instead enjoy the healing experience

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