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Headaches: How an acupuncturist approaches treatment

Posted on 6 February, 2019 at 20:35

When treating headaches, it is important to approach each type differently.  It is definitely not a one-size fits all treatment; and each case should be treated differently.  

When I approach a patient with a headache first question I ask is where abouts is the pain focused.  I ask this because different aspects of the head will mean a different area I will focus my acupunture treatment.  Acupuncture is never as simple as "stick a needle where it hurts"; in the case of a headache that will make the pain much worse.  A good acupuncturist will clear the pain from the headache with points around the body before assessing the necessity to apply acupuncture to the area of pain.

I also ask how frequent the pain is and how long the current headache has lasted.  This will tell me if the headache is an accute problem  or a chronic problem.  The treatment approach to an accute headache or a chronic headache is very different; if you are experiencing frequent headaches then I  will need to determine if the headache is a symptom of a deeper problem, in which case I will address the deeper problem in order to relieve the headaches.

Postural assessments are very important.  Your headache could be a problem with how your sitting, stand, or working.  In this scenario I will look at certain muscle groups that are under working and strengthen them with exercises and acupuncture; and muscles that are over working and use stretching, tuina, and acupuncture to release them.  I will also provide exercises to do at home in order to correct your posture.  This approach will ensure that headaches are relieved now, and future headaches will be prevented.

in some cases a herbal prescription will be necessary.  This is when the problem is more chronic and the headache is a symptom of another deeper ailment.  Alongside a herbal prescription I will provide diet advice that will be specific to addressing your individual problem.

Acupuncture for headaches has to be an individualised approach for your specific condition; anything less is just not acupuncture! 

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