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Acupuncture for fertility, IVF support, and pain relief... naturally

Acupuncture North Sydney

Acupuncture for fertility and IVF support

Fertility and IVF support

The treatment plans designed by Luke McPherson are designed to boost egg quality, optimise sperm vitality, and boost ovarian function.  This is an individualised treatment achieved through acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs, that adheres to modern research and follows the traditions of Chinese medicine.  Browse my blog for more information

Acupuncture for acute and chronic pain

Chronic and acute pain relief

The effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing both chronic and acute pain is well documented.  Luke McPherson is highly skilled at relieving pain through his extensive knowledge of anatomy, and experience in acupuncture.  Providing an indivualised treatment, Luke McPherson will use a combination of massage with acupuncture to relieve your pain.

Back Pain

Neck pain

Knee, Shoulder,  and Joint pain

Arthritis, sciatica, gout, and may other conditions.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine will be used together to treat you

Lingering illness

Have you been feeling ill for a long time?  Do you feel that your treatments thus far have been ineffective?  It might be time to try Luke McPherson; he is especially skilled in Chinese medicine diagnosis, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.  Luke McPherson has shown a lot of success in treating lingering illness, and it might be time you sought his advice. There are a lot of interesting articles I have discussed in my blog, why not go have a look?

Acupuncture: How it works

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